In Amsterdam Oost at Sara Guia’s home

A year ago, I met Sara during a meeting organised by the Facebook group of Expat bloggers in The Netherlands. We started to follow each other on Instagram and this “virtual” friendship became a real life one. There are many things that I admire and love in Sara. I could start with her work, a beautiful representation of her vivid and creative spirit, I could go on with her kind and sensitive soul and continue with her terrific sense ofRead more

A morning with Lavinia Tanase at Lavinia cakes’n buttons

In The Hague, at the Piet Heinstraat number 103A, there is a cosy pretty place where you can savour a delicious tea while eating a delicate lemon pie, listening jazz and admire the beautiful photos on the wall or read one of the multiple books in the bookshelf. This place is called Lavinia cakes’n buttons . What makes it so unique is not only the decoration, the high quality of what you are served but it is also the atmosphere. It isRead more

Women in The Netherlands

Women in The Netherlands is a new category in this blog, it is something that was in my head for about a year; interviewing women from different cultures, backgrounds, lives but who all live in The Netherlands. For many reasons it did not become concrete until I met Lavinia. When I met her, as I mentioned it in my post about Lavinia cakes’n buttons, it felt right away good and I was curious to know more about her and discover her journey.Read more