In Amsterdam Oost at Sara Guia’s home

A year ago, I met Sara during a meeting organised by the Facebook group of Expat bloggers in The Netherlands. We started to follow each other on Instagram and this “virtual” friendship became a real life one. There are many things that I admire and love in Sara. I could start with her work, a beautiful representation of her vivid and creative spirit, I could go on with her kind and sensitive soul and continue with her terrific sense ofRead more

When things fall apart, where is the love?

Today I would like to send a lot of cheesy hugs and positivity to all of you who will read this. I’ve just been insulted and attacked by someone who was disappointed in a work I did, a work I proposed to do, in my free time, and for free because I like her work and I wanted to give it some light, in my own special way. Obviously we did not communicate well enough at the beginning and weRead more

In my solitude

Last week I went to the local market. In the small (very) traditional city where I live (20k inhabitants), there are not much things to do. There is a tiny old harbour, one museum, few restaurants, couple of mainstream shops, supermarkets, a superb florist and eighteen hairdressers, yes eighteen. So you can satisfy your hunger, have a walk along old boats, visit the museum, treat yourself or your dear ones with beautiful bouquets and definitely change the color or theRead more

It’s about the journey…but what is the destination?

Recently, I read an old interview of Pierre Soulages where he says “c’est ce que je fais qui m’apprend ce que je cherche”/ “it is what I do that teaches me what I’m searching”. Everything is said in that simple sentence, so simple and brilliant. Last Tuesday I treated myself with a little bouquet and usually when it’s a little one, I disconstruct it to make it my own; eventually, at a certain point, this happens too with big bouquets. Green leavesRead more

Castle Baexem

  During the last autumn break, hubby, the kids and I went for a couple of days in a B&B in an old castle from the 17th century, Castle van Baexem. It is located in a small village in the region Limburg; for those who have no clue where this could be, imagine the south of Holland and it’s somewhere there. Not too far from the great Maastricht. A year ago I read an article in the Flow (one of my fav’Read more

Tum Tum

Tum Tum in Den Bosch is the definition of old school sweetness. If you go down (or up) the Ridderstraat you can’t miss it with its beautiful windows painted in mint-green, and all its goodies offering themselves right on display. If Tum Tum would belong to a film, I would place it in an Harry Potter’s film and the  moment you pass the door, you take the Hogwarts Express. Inside, the entire shop seems to belong to an other time;Read more