Thanks for the memory, a day at the University Museum Utrecht

Two weeks ago on a bright morning, hubby, kids and I went to Utrecht to participate to the “family festival” that was organised by the University Museum of Utrecht . We cherish this place a lot, our oldest son had his eight years birthday party there two years ago and once in a while we go there to visit their new exhibitions. Kids love it and so do we. But this time we spent a bit of time inside the museumRead more

Long Live Creativity

When you are, like me, everything but a fan of mainstream brands, mainstream thinking, massa products, massa production and on Sunday you go with hubby and kids at Vechtclub XL (a multiple occupancy building for creatives) to visit the Design purchasing market they organise, well you feel like in Wonderland multiplied by 10, at least. How refreshing it is to see so much creatives showing their products, their philosophy and for those located in the building itself, their ateliers. One word, Wow!!Read more

The unknown flower

When I saw this flower at my local florist, I instantly felt attracted and curious. It has fascinated me right away with its spicy and soft aspect . I’m just totally, enormously, definitely in love with each part of it. Outside, inside. The lines, shapes, structure, colors, contrasts. I could stare at it for hours and the more I look at it, the more I feel blessed and grateful. As you know, music plays an important part in my creative process, aRead more

In my solitude

Last week I went to the local market. In the small (very) traditional city where I live (20k inhabitants), there are not much things to do. There is a tiny old harbour, one museum, few restaurants, couple of mainstream shops, supermarkets, a superb florist and eighteen hairdressers, yes eighteen. So you can satisfy your hunger, have a walk along old boats, visit the museum, treat yourself or your dear ones with beautiful bouquets and definitely change the color or theRead more

Women’s March Amsterdam

“I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Maya Angelou “I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Quotes from Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou Photography All rights reserved Carole Rey  Read more


Last week, kids had their spring holidays and this year we decided to stay home. It was really exciting for them because we never (or rarely) stay home for the holidays. The idea of staying in their pyjamas an entire morning on a day that is not a Sunday was really special for them. Nevertheless, it was not the plan to stay home, in pyjama and be lazy an entire week. So, on Monday I took my oldest one andRead more

A morning with Lavinia Tanase at Lavinia cakes’n buttons

In The Hague, at the Piet Heinstraat number 103A, there is a cosy pretty place where you can savour a delicious tea while eating a delicate lemon pie, listening jazz and admire the beautiful photos on the wall or read one of the multiple books in the bookshelf. This place is called Lavinia cakes’n buttons . What makes it so unique is not only the decoration, the high quality of what you are served but it is also the atmosphere. It isRead more

Unconditional love

As you might have understood by now, I’m a flowers lover and in that immense sea of love orchids are on a special island. My bride bouquet was made of them and I always have one in a pot at home. They are, in my eyes, totally unpredictable; I have no idea when they are going to bloom or just die. And when the miracle happens, when they are blooming it is always astonishing thanks to their colours, their tonesRead more

Teylers Museum, Haarlem

When you live in Holland, and you have children, there are plenty things to do on Sunday with the entire family or just the kids. Usually I book a workshop for the kids and hubby and I savour this precious time together strolling in the city or enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting. This time we did something together, the four of us. And for this we went all the way to Haarlem and for the first time toRead more