As some of you may know it already, I’ve recently founded an online magazine, Good Enough Darling, dedicated to people who are having a burn-out. My goal is to give tips, a bit of info and most of all, a feeling of hope and lightness when you read it. As a guide for myself but also in the perspective of documenting myself for the magazine, I bought The Gifts of Imperfection from Brené Brown . Yesterday, I read the Guidepost 3 dedicated to “resilience” and asRead more

No trouble, trouble I see

“No headaches or heartaches or misunderstands, No confusion or troubles won’t be, No frowns to defile, just a big endless smile. There’ll be peace and contentment for me.” Thomas A. Dorsey , Peace in the valleyRead more

Looking for Jacqueline Du Pré

Few days ago, while flipping through the last issue of Kinfolk magazine my eyes were attracted by some black and white photos of a woman cellist. It was Jacqueline Du Pré. I read the article, contemplated for a long a time the photos and searched online for a video of the Elgar Cello Concerto she performed under the leading of her beloved husband Daniel Barenboim. From the introduction my heart started to melt, I had a lump in my throat and got the chills.Read more

Unconditional love

As you might have understood by now, I’m a flowers lover and in that immense sea of love orchids are on a special island. My bride bouquet was made of them and I always have one in a pot at home. They are, in my eyes, totally unpredictable; I have no idea when they are going to bloom or just die. And when the miracle happens, when they are blooming it is always astonishing thanks to their colours, their tonesRead more

Wounded heart will heal

Everything must change, Nothing stays the same. Everyone must change Nothing stays the same. The young become the old, Mysteries do unfold. ‘Cause that’s the way of time Nothing and no one goes unchanged. There are not many things In life you can be sure of. Except Rain comes from the clouds, And sun lights up the sky, And humming birds do fly. Winter turns to spring. Wounded heart will heal. Never much too soon Everything must change The youngRead more

A Love Supreme

Years ago, I discovered the music of John Coltrane. Of course I knew his name and his contribution to jazz music but I did not have a special connection to his work. One day I listened to A Love Supreme and all my senses were touched and moved. There is something very soft, calm and yet very strong and profound in this album. I admire the ability of Coltrane to put in notes, harmony and rhythms his devotion to aRead more