Count Your Blessings

Almost a week ago while I was at the gym, a machine collapsed when I sat on it and I violently hit it with the back of my head. Head concussion and a sprained neck. Doctor said I had to lay down as much as possible. While I start to use again the wonderful possibility to turn my head when I want to look at right, at left and even a bit up; I experience severe dizziness if  I stayRead more

Women’s March Amsterdam

“I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Maya Angelou “I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Quotes from Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou Photography All rights reserved Carole Rey  Read more


Last week, kids had their spring holidays and this year we decided to stay home. It was really exciting for them because we never (or rarely) stay home for the holidays. The idea of staying in their pyjamas an entire morning on a day that is not a Sunday was really special for them. Nevertheless, it was not the plan to stay home, in pyjama and be lazy an entire week. So, on Monday I took my oldest one andRead more

A morning with Lavinia Tanase at Lavinia cakes’n buttons

In The Hague, at the Piet Heinstraat number 103A, there is a cosy pretty place where you can savour a delicious tea while eating a delicate lemon pie, listening jazz and admire the beautiful photos on the wall or read one of the multiple books in the bookshelf. This place is called Lavinia cakes’n buttons . What makes it so unique is not only the decoration, the high quality of what you are served but it is also the atmosphere. It isRead more

The day I met Adagio for Strings, Op 11 by Samuel Barber

As I mentioned it already, my photographic journey goes along with a lot of music. What I listen or what is singing in my head has a clear impact on how I will photograph and how I see. Recently while I was searching on Spotify a Serenade by Leonard Bernstein I ended up listening an Adagio of Samuel Barber, directed by Leonard Bernstein. It was a long time ago that I felt so much emotion, such an intense feeling insideRead more

Women in The Netherlands

Women in The Netherlands is a new category in this blog, it is something that was in my head for about a year; interviewing women from different cultures, backgrounds, lives but who all live in The Netherlands. For many reasons it did not become concrete until I met Lavinia. When I met her, as I mentioned it in my post about Lavinia cakes’n buttons, it felt right away good and I was curious to know more about her and discover her journey.Read more

Lavinia cakes’n buttons

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted this year to celebrate it in a very special place. The first one that came to my mind was Lavinia cakes’n buttons in The Hague. Some time ago I read an article about it in Amsterdamming, a blog that I follow and love. My mind went on fire when I saw the photos. It looked magic, fairy, a bit old fashioned and deliciously tender. I kept those impressions in a corner of my mindRead more