While listening to Chet Baker

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Lavinia cakes’n buttons

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted this year to celebrate it in a very special place. The first one that came to my mind was Lavinia cakes’n buttons in The Hague. Some… Continue reading

Minimal Mood

While listening Come Rain or Come Shine by Shirley Horn All rights reserved Carole Rey

Today, it rained

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Week 8

Dear all, this is a new categorie in my blog. Every year I took new resolutions and this year one of them is to read a new book every week. So far so… Continue reading

Imprint serie

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Beauty is everywhere

A couple of days ago, I bought a piece of gorgonzola at my local supermarket and what was my surprise when, yesterday, I opened the package and found it completely coated with moisture.… Continue reading

Meet the Carnations

The tender one   The exuberant one   The creepy one   The messy one   The still one   The classic one   All rights reserved Carole Rey

Unconditional love

As you might have understood by now, I’m a flowers lover and in that immense sea of love orchids are on a special island. My bride bouquet was made of them and I… Continue reading

Love Wins

“If you have only one smile, give it to the people you love.” Maya Angelou May you all have a beautiful day. Love, Carole All rights reserved Carole Rey