When the sun comes shining

Listening My Way by Nina Simone.

Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie, Utrecht

Kunst en eerlijke koffie (aka Keek)  and me is a long story. The first time I noticed it, it was thanks to its green-almond facade and charming interior; I was in a hurry… Continue reading

Kazerij Stalenhoef, Utrecht

As you know I’m French but not only, I’m also Aveyronnaise and proud of it! I was born and raised in the wonderful Aveyron, somewhere under Clermont-Ferrand and between Toulouse and Montpellier not… Continue reading

Merkelbach Exposition

For the photography lovers I encourage you, if you did not do it yet, to visit the wonderful exposition of the work of the Merkelbach Photostudio that takes place at the Amsterdam City… Continue reading


The Dutchies have the “stroopwafels”, the Frenchies have the macarons. Ah! The macarons! If fresh, an heavenly mix of structure and softness. It’s beautiful to see, delicious to eat. But watch out it’s… Continue reading

Villa Zebra

Once upon a time, in the always surprising Rotterdam, a bunch of people decided to create a space where Art would not be seen as an abstract concept and boring stuff reserved to… Continue reading

Jan Bussing Bakery, Rotterdam

           One of the most popular clichés about the French is their baguette. And, as a French lady, I can confirm that it is not only a cliché it… Continue reading

Cloister Garden, Dom Church Utrecht

Every cities has its own secrets, hidden little streets, tiny lovely shops, romantic garden. Ah! Secret gardens! I love them! You know that kind of place that makes you forget that you are… Continue reading

Carla’s Conditorie, Utrecht

In the beautiful Utrecht, behind the Dom church, you will find Carla’s Conditorie, or when vintage meets cappuccino… At the moment you step in this tiny place, you not only feel in a restaurant… Continue reading

Boekhandel Bijleveld, Utrecht

For those of you who feel home surrounded by beautiful, intriguing books; for those of you who cannot start a new novel without first smelling the pages, for the nostalgics of the old… Continue reading