You’re my thrill

While listening to Shirley Horn singing You’re my thrill. You’re my thrill You do something to me You send chills right through me When I look at you ’cause you’re my thrill You’re my… Continue reading

Cheek to cheek

When I was a student I fell in love with duets between Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I listened over and over tapes of their albums in my walkman (yes I’m a dinosaur)… Continue reading

Count Your Blessings

Almost a week ago while I was at the gym, a machine collapsed when I sat on it and I violently hit it with the back of my head. Head concussion and a… Continue reading

Spring Time

May you all have a blissful spring. Love, Carole All rights reserved Carole Rey

While listening to the one and only Billie Holiday

  All rights reserved Carole Rey  

Women’s March Amsterdam

“I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Maya Angelou “I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me. ” Quotes from Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou Photography All rights reserved Carole Rey  


Last week, kids had their spring holidays and this year we decided to stay home. It was really exciting for them because we never (or rarely) stay home for the holidays. The idea… Continue reading

A morning with Lavinia Tanase at Lavinia cakes’n buttons

In The Hague, at the Piet Heinstraat number 103A, there is a cosy pretty place where you can savour a delicious tea while eating a delicate lemon pie, listening jazz and admire the… Continue reading

The day I met Adagio for Strings, Op 11 by Samuel Barber

As I mentioned it already, my photographic journey goes along with a lot of music. What I listen or what is singing in my head has a clear impact on how I will… Continue reading

Women in The Netherlands

Women in The Netherlands is a new category in this blog, it is something that was in my head for about a year; interviewing women from different cultures, backgrounds, lives but who all live… Continue reading