Lazy Sundays

What to do in the wonderful lowlands on Sunday….

You can go to museum,  do some shopping (in Amsterdam, Den Haag=The Hague, and Rotterdam shops are open on Sunday and in the others towns the first Sunday of the month), you can go biking and enjoying the landscape or just walking in the city and let you thoughts wandering.

But if you want to meet the locals, I suggest you to go to a “pannenkoekenhuis” ( pancakes house but Dutch pancakes ;-)). You can find them everywhere but those in the countryside are the most appreciate. They are generally in old farmers, surrounding by fields or orchards, the decoration is often rustic, and there are always books, toys, activities to keep your children busy. It is very appreciate for lunch,high tea, diner time, family reunion… It shows often a delicious mix of the Dutch society. Old, young, low class, middle class, upper class… Dutch food (the original one) is not exactly really elaborated ( no offense) but when it comes to pancake, The Dutch know how to do it !

Our favorite  place is De Stapelbakker, in Beesd  and I will tell you why next time. Ok?

Until then, take care and be brave.




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