Versailles, Versailles, Versailles!!!

When I was a kid, during a short trip to Paris, my mother took my brother and I to  Versailles’s palace. She was really excited about it and I could feel that we were going to have a major experience in our life. And we did have a special moment, but what stayed in my memory are the hour long wait at the entrance, the grandiose Hall of Mirrors and the bedroom of Marie-Antoinette. I can remember how weird andRead more


Last weekend in our very own Happy Easter tradition we did something we do every year. According to my great grand-mother, those who wear something new for Easter, will be wearing new stuff the entire year. My beloved great grand-mother has long passed away but her wise words keep living and every year, we wear a new shirt/socks/pants/ you name it. But this year we extend the concept of “something new for Easter” to an other level, we went toRead more


Last week, kids had their spring holidays and this year we decided to stay home. It was really exciting for them because we never (or rarely) stay home for the holidays. The idea of staying in their pyjamas an entire morning on a day that is not a Sunday was really special for them. Nevertheless, it was not the plan to stay home, in pyjama and be lazy an entire week. So, on Monday I took my oldest one andRead more

Lavinia cakes’n buttons

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted this year to celebrate it in a very special place. The first one that came to my mind was Lavinia cakes’n buttons in The Hague. Some time ago I read an article about it in Amsterdamming, a blog that I follow and love. My mind went on fire when I saw the photos. It looked magic, fairy, a bit old fashioned and deliciously tender. I kept those impressions in a corner of my mindRead more

Teylers Museum, Haarlem

When you live in Holland, and you have children, there are plenty things to do on Sunday with the entire family or just the kids. Usually I book a workshop for the kids and hubby and I savour this precious time together strolling in the city or enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting. This time we did something together, the four of us. And for this we went all the way to Haarlem and for the first time toRead more

Castle Baexem

  During the last autumn break, hubby, the kids and I went for a couple of days in a B&B in an old castle from the 17th century, Castle van Baexem. It is located in a small village in the region Limburg; for those who have no clue where this could be, imagine the south of Holland and it’s somewhere there. Not too far from the great Maastricht. A year ago I read an article in the Flow (one of my fav’Read more

Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie, Utrecht

Kunst en eerlijke koffie (aka Keek)  and me is a long story. The first time I noticed it, it was thanks to its green-almond facade and charming interior; I was in a hurry back then so I quickly checked the menu and was more than pleased to see that they use organic products, have vegetarian meals and try to promote local artists. I thought, oh oh interesting, got to come back here!! So when I did, I was not aloneRead more