Last weekend in our very own Happy Easter tradition we did something we do every year. According to my great grand-mother, those who wear something new for Easter, will be wearing new stuff the entire year. My beloved great grand-mother has long passed away but her wise words keep living and every year, we wear a new shirt/socks/pants/ you name it. But this year we extend the concept of “something new for Easter” to an other level, we went toRead more

Lavinia cakes’n buttons

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted this year to celebrate it in a very special place. The first one that came to my mind was Lavinia cakes’n buttons in The Hague. Some time ago I read an article about it in Amsterdamming, a blog that I follow and love. My mind went on fire when I saw the photos. It looked magic, fairy, a bit old fashioned and deliciously tender. I kept those impressions in a corner of my mindRead more

Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie, Utrecht

Kunst en eerlijke koffie (aka Keek)  and me is a long story. The first time I noticed it, it was thanks to its green-almond facade and charming interior; I was in a hurry back then so I quickly checked the menu and was more than pleased to see that they use organic products, have vegetarian meals and try to promote local artists. I thought, oh oh interesting, got to come back here!! So when I did, I was not aloneRead more

Jan Bussing Bakery, Rotterdam

           One of the most popular clichés about the French is their baguette. And, as a French lady, I can confirm that it is not only a cliché it is a fact. Yes, we eat the baguette, we eat it in the morning, on the way to home, at lunch, at diner… We love our baguette, our crispy bread. Mmmm… The baguette to the French is like the potato to the Dutch, the pasta to theRead more

Carla’s Conditorie, Utrecht

In the beautiful Utrecht, behind the Dom church, you will find Carla’s Conditorie, or when vintage meets cappuccino… At the moment you step in this tiny place, you not only feel in a restaurant but first and foremost in someones private lunchroom. This very special someone is Carla and she will do her best to receive you. Everything here feels personal and special, the 50’s radio, the glass case, the mirrors in the hall, the old fashion tea cups… Not only isRead more

BroodBar, Amsterdam

For the Amsterdam lovers, here is a place where you can have a break and still enjoy the city. On the Kloveniersburgwal, not far from the Nieuwmarkt Metro station, and Central Station, you will find BroodBar (=BreadBar) or in other words, the perfect place to eat delicious, fresh, handmade (in front of you s’il vous plaît) sandwiches. You can choose the type of bread you want (it is definitely worth to try the “DesemBrood”/wheat bread), the cheese, sauce, vegetables etc… If you areRead more