Versailles, Versailles, Versailles!!!

When I was a kid, during a short trip to Paris, my mother took my brother and I to  Versailles’s palace. She was really excited about it and I could feel that we were going to have a major experience in our life. And we did have a special moment, but what stayed in my memory are the hour long wait at the entrance, the grandiose Hall of Mirrors and the bedroom of Marie-Antoinette. I can remember how weird andRead more

Memories of Gold, Jonquières summer 17

This summer, hubby, kids and I went to the south of France, in the Hérault province, for a couple of days. We stayed there four nights and three days and this little amount of time was long enough to bring back so much memories and emotions to me. We stayed at Château de Jonquières a beautiful castle in the middle of vineyards with enchanting guest rooms, succulent breakfast with homemade yogourts and jams and last but not least delicious wine they produceRead more

Fly Me

Today kids and I went, with friends of us, for the first time to the Botanic Gardens of Utrecht University. There are so much things to say about this place and so much things to photograph that one visit and one post on this blog would not be enough. I could resume it to one word, wonderful and I could add an other one, peaceful. Here are photos of some of the wonderful butterflies you can see in their butterfliesRead more

Thanks for the memory, a day at the University Museum Utrecht

Two weeks ago on a bright morning, hubby, kids and I went to Utrecht to participate to the “family festival” that was organised by the University Museum of Utrecht . We cherish this place a lot, our oldest son had his eight years birthday party there two years ago and once in a while we go there to visit their new exhibitions. Kids love it and so do we. But this time we spent a bit of time inside the museumRead more

Cloister Garden, Dom Church Utrecht

Every cities has its own secrets, hidden little streets, tiny lovely shops, romantic garden. Ah! Secret gardens! I love them! You know that kind of place that makes you forget that you are in the middle of the city and invites you to enjoy the silence. In Utrecht, you will find one of them next to the Dom church. It belongs to the church since it is the cloister garden and has an incredible view on the Dom tower andRead more