As some of you may know it already, I’ve recently founded an online magazine, Good Enough Darling, dedicated to people who are having a burn-out. My goal is to give tips, a bit of info and most of all, a feeling of hope and lightness when you read it.

As a guide for myself but also in the perspective of documenting myself for the magazine, I bought The Gifts of Imperfection from Brené Brown . Yesterday, I read the Guidepost 3 dedicated to “resilience” and as Brené Brown explains it, resilience comes with different things and one of them is hope.


What I found in this book and in this guidepost in particular, is actually the same as what I felt when I saw that tiny little flower at the florist.


That little delicate plant does not need a vase, a flowerpot or extra loam. What it needs, is a bit of water and a bit of light. The rest, it takes care of it itself.


I can stare at that flower for hours and feel inspired by the contrast between the delicate shape of the petals and the rawness of its roots. It is well grounded and it elevates itself to the light, fearless.


I wish we would look more at Nature and let ourselves be more inspired by it. We have what we need inside of us, let’s embrace it and be grateful.


May you all have a splendid day.




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