Don’t Give Up On Me


Today for the first time since a couple of months, I got on my knees in my garden to photograph. I have to admit that since I invested in a dark piece of fabric, I almost solely focused my floral photography inside and with this dark background; it was new and fun, I had a blast. But that was before I met the silence on holiday in Jonquières, France. Since I’m back I need to go back to my roots, I need to “connect” again. Who knows how long it will last?…

So I went outside and did multiple shots of this tiny violet; from above, under, full frame, half frame and finally it’s this shot that I chose to show to you. This one because it is not completely sharp, there is a white blurry line on two petals. It’s a flower that stands in the wind, that lives for nothing and can be completely crashed by kids playing football in the garden. It is so fragile and yet so sophisticated. I like it, I like her. Bend down and look at her, tomorrow she might be gone.

This post was inspired and made while listening to the beautiful voice of Solomon Burke singing Don’t Give Up On Me

May you all have a blissful day.




Words and photography all rights reserved Carole Rey


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