Memories of Gold, Jonquières summer 17

This summer, hubby, kids and I went to the south of France, in the Hérault province, for a couple of days. We stayed there four nights and three days and this little amount of time was long enough to bring back so much memories and emotions to me.

We stayed at Château de Jonquières a beautiful castle in the middle of vineyards with enchanting guest rooms, succulent breakfast with homemade yogourts and jams and last but not least delicious wine they produce themselves. There I experienced what true luxury is and it has nothing to do with high-tech tv, sounds installation or golden plates. It is silence. No noises, no noises of cars, tractors, people talking loud, ambulances whatever. No, just silence and the sound of the wind in the trees. Silence.




But experiencing silence and the peaceful view on the mountains were not the only things we did on our holidays. We strolled in the street of Jonquières. Jonquières is a little village surrounded by vineyards with the mountains on the background. It reminded me of the little village where my great grand-aunt used to live. The small houses, tiny streets, the laundry at the balcony, plants and Nerium everywhere.



In those villages in the south of France, you find that sense of nonchalance that some may call “douceur de vivre” and which is more a way of adjusting and making the best out of what you have.




It is something indescribable, it is in the warmth of the air, the colors of the walls, it is written everywhere and yet I can’t put a word on it.



Maybe it is better like this. Let it as an open letter, a book that has to be written and remembering Jonquières with all my senses. The song of the cicada, the taste of the wine, the smell of the vineyards, the touch of the olive tree bark, the view on the mountains.


May you all have a peaceful day.




Words and photos all rights reserved Carole Rey




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