Somewhere over the rainbow…


Best moments often happened by surprise, when you expect it the least. This is exactly my story with the oh so lovely and beautiful conceptstore NYBörjan. I discovered it somewhere last year while I was in Gorinchem with a friend in the hunt for a good coffee. We came across that very special store where delicate objects, clothes, jewellery, magazines were sold.


Attracted by what we saw in the window, we forgot our desire for a coffee and went inside. And then we swooned…


So many beautiful things, it’s like Ali Baba’s place for slow life lovers.


Last but not least, they also had delicious slow coffee.



We had a chat with one of the owners and since then I thought, I have to write something about this place, I have to do it because it’s just awesome. But alas, time flies when you are having fun (and two kids, a husband, a dog, friends, family, a whiplash) and I never did it unfortunately.


But now this is the moment, this is the time. And you know why? Because some of my photos are exposed there. Yes! They are. My photos, my little babies are hanging on the walls of that supercalifragilisticexpiadilocious store!!! My heart is exploding of joy and proudness, I’m floating somewhere over the rainbow and singing with blue birds. Saying that I’m deeply grateful and honoured to be part of their selection is an euphemism.


So if you have a day off, a moment of free time, go to Gorinchem, treat yourself at NyBörjan and enjoy the hospitality of Desirée and Dion, the owners of the place.


May you all have a surprising day.



ps: my photos can be seen and bought until September 9th


Words and photography all rights reserved Carole Rey



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