When things fall apart, where is the love?

Today I would like to send a lot of cheesy hugs and positivity to all of you who will read this. I’ve just been insulted and attacked by someone who was disappointed in a work I did, a work I proposed to do, in my free time, and for free because I like her work and I wanted to give it some light, in my own special way. Obviously we did not communicate well enough at the beginning and we had both different expectations. It happens but with good coffee, good communication face to face, a gentle open-mind and respect, I do believe we can achieve a lot. Unfortunately, the last part did not happen. Instead, I’ve been lectured how the things must be done and are done by all other people, how disappointed she was, how she trusted me and how what I produced was bad, to quote her “a bad photo”. She was in panic and kept saying rude things to diminish me and my work. The “product” itself is not online and still she went on and on. It really felt weird to hear so much negativity and aggressivity. What can possibly justify this? I’m wondering. If it was that bad, we can talk about it, if we expected different things, we can talk about it and see if we can fix it or not. But is it necessary to humiliate someone, to make it feel like he/she is not capable and is an imbecile? I don’t think so.

I believe in beauty, I believe in creativity, I believe in out of the box thinking, I believe in love and respect.


May you all have a beautiful day,


7 responses to When things fall apart, where is the love?

  1. Mieke says:

    Don’t let such an ugly person bring you down. Listen to your heart and don’t listen to negative people like this. xxx

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