Long Live Creativity


When you are, like me, everything but a fan of mainstream brands, mainstream thinking, massa products, massa production and on Sunday you go with hubby and kids at Vechtclub XL (a multiple occupancy building for creatives) to visit the Design purchasing market they organise, well you feel like in Wonderland multiplied by 10, at least. How refreshing it is to see so much creatives showing their products, their philosophy and for those located in the building itself, their ateliers. One word, Wow!! No, two words, Oh Joy!!!

What struck me the most was the diversity in what was presented. There is so much beauty and delicacy in what we saw today. You could see it in the origami and in the oh so funny week planner of  Origami Zoo that you can fold as a plane at the end of the week and just let it fly !


My heart totally melted in front of Hester De Wolff‘s porcelain work. What a finesse and refinement in her work. Absolutely stunning!! If I could I would have bought everything but because I had to make a choice, I treated myself with this little vase.

PorcelaineHesterdeWolff-28-5-17-1 PorcelaineHesterdeWolff-28-5-17-2


We saw a lot of different things, asked informations, discussed about how it’s done. It was really delightful and reenergising to meet the work of so many people. How great it is to see so much diversity; I’m glad my children were present so they can see how many different things you can make in your life.

Last but not least we had an awesome lunch! As you know by now, we are really keen on good food. We love a good plate full of great ingredients and surprising combination. Our lunch at De Klub was pure joy. It started with the genuine kindness of the staff and the relax atmosphere inside.


And then…There are no words to describe the feeling I had when I saw the veggie quiche and there are even less to describe that inner contentment when I ate it. It was fresh, well balanced and good, just really good. It makes you want to take your time and savour it.


No fast food while checking your FB/IG/emails or the latest news. No, you want to take the time and enjoy it as much as you can. And as expected, the joy just went on with the dessert, a lemon lime pie that the mere thought of it while I’m typing this makes my mouth water.


So you see, there is so much here in The Netherlands and the most curious, surprising and enchanting are not necessarily in the biggest cities nor in the most crowded streets. It’s around the corner and for us today it was at Vechtclub XL in Utrecht. There we found great work made with love, passion and respect for the materials used.

Here a snapshot of the cards I took today from artists that touched me with their way of expressing their creativity. Please have a look at their work, they are so much worth it!!


And for me, I’ll definitely go back to Vechtclub XL for a visit at Rood & Bloem, a coffee or more at De Klub and to get the two cappuccino cups I ordered at Bakkie. They are made in ceramic and in a blue color that evokes the North Sea. How beautiful is it!

May you all have a splendid day.



ps: here some links to my fav’ creatives of today


Hester de Wolff

Suzan Becking


all things we like

Charly Bushoff

Origami Zoo

Noot & zo

Rood & Bloem

Studio Lotte

Mon Sak

Caroline Cracco

Anna Treurniet

Twaalf Zestig, keramiek collectief

Renske Versluijs

Happy Whatever

6 responses to Long Live Creativity

  1. wynniewhite says:

    I love this post! Your photography is as always, amazing, and your writing style is so pleasing to read. Love all of the creative things people have made!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Katia for your kind words. When we left we were full of good energy, we really enjoyed what we saw and how everything was smooth organised. And of course, it was good to see you again!!!



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