Fritillaria Imperialis

It’s kind of obvious now, at least to me, that when I fall for something or someone I fall totally, deeply, tremendously. I fall with my heart and soul and there is no grey zone.  In the education I give to my kids, I try to encourage them to be passionate, to do things 100% no matter what. Go for it, give it all. Don’t you mind about what others think, let your heart guide you and enjoy.


So when I saw this flower this morning at my favorite florist, I did not hesitate and I bought it right away.  After a quick search in my dear “Most Beautiful Flowers” book from Pierre-Joseph Redouté I can tell you that it is a Fritillaria Imperialis and I must say that its name fits it perfectly, don’t you think? It could belong to a Marry Poppin’s formula.


What a beauty!! And yes, I fell totally, deeply, tremendously for this object of my desire. My first reaction was, what a special bird we have here! I loved right away its fluffy crazy look.


Back home, I took the time to observe it and appreciate it even more.The shape, the lines, the structure, the superb colours.


So keep this name in mind, Fritillaria Imperialis!


May you all have a joyful weekend.



Ps: This article was written while listening to Jim Hall’s album Concierto


Words and images all rights reserved Carole Rey


2 responses to Fritillaria Imperialis

  1. amsterdamian says:

    I had this flower in my parents’ garden and for me it was always a joy when it was blooming. It has a certain elegance to it, it was like the queen of the garden. Nor my favourite flower but there is something special about it 🙂

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