Last weekend in our very own Happy Easter tradition we did something we do every year. According to my great grand-mother, those who wear something new for Easter, will be wearing new stuff the entire year. My beloved great grand-mother has long passed away but her wise words keep living and every year, we wear a new shirt/socks/pants/ you name it. But this year we extend the concept of “something new for Easter” to an other level, we went to a place we never went before. We went to Breda, in Brabant and our first spot was Kamu.


Ah Kamu! We could not expect a better place to start our encounter with Breda. Kamu is a concept store in a way that they don’t propose you one thing, they propose you food/drinks/objects that they cherish, things close to their hearts. In this case, it’s bikes and good coffee.


You might think what could possibly bring those two things together? Well pretty a lot actually. Dutchies love cycling, by warm or cold weather, under the sun or through the rain/snow they are biking, braving the wind and any obstacles on their way. Don’t forget neither that the pinacle of Dutch’s coziness (and the Dutch love coziness) is a good cup of coffee that you share with your dear ones.

So here we are, bikes and coffee, freedom and coziness. And actually those two words could describe how you feel when you enter in this nice place. It’s big, everyone can evolve in its own place, it breathes and still their tasty decoration, a delicate mix of modern and vintage, makes it cozy. 


Nevertheless, it would not be fair to reduce Kamu to bikes and coffee. You know why?They also have cheesecake, oh yes. And Kamu’s cheesecake in a range of 0 to 10 where ten is the Himalaya of the cheesecake, would come in my opinion close to a 9+. The structure is firm, it’s not “puddingly” queasy, the base is strong and still a bit crispy with a delicate cinnamon taste but not too dominant. And last but not least, it has a perfect palette color, an amazing gradient from light yellow to warm brown. When you see it and when you eat it, you just want to jump on the table and let your inner Beyoncé speak.


If you come for lunch they have a broad and original menu with enough choices for vegetarians. They also sell coffee, coffee machines, bikes (this was pretty obvious) for the entire family, they repair and give a second/third life to old bicycles and if you want to pimp  your look for when you are cycling on your fancy two wheels, you are at the right address.


What could I say more? Well, go there and enjoy!!

May you have a colourful day,


ps: Did I mention that they have a corner for kids with games, toys and books?




All rights reserved Carole Rey


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