In my solitude

Last week I went to the local market. In the small (very) traditional city where I live (20k inhabitants), there are not much things to do. There is a tiny old harbour, one museum, few restaurants, couple of mainstream shops, supermarkets, a superb florist and eighteen hairdressers, yes eighteen. So you can satisfy your hunger, have a walk along old boats, visit the museum, treat yourself or your dear ones with beautiful bouquets and definitely change the color or the length of your hair as often as you want. Life is very rhythmic and on Sunday the day is clocked by the bell of the different churches.


But on Thursday, the city transforms itself in a vibrant and colourful place, it’s market day! Hurray! How pleasant it is to see so much people walking in the street, chatting with each other, laughing, having a drink on a terrace.


Since my accident I’m confined at home surrounded as much as I can by silence; it helps slowly but (hopefully)surely to recover from my whiplash. Nevertheless, Thursday I was done with silence and minimalism and I needed to see anonymous people, I needed to be back in society. Well, after fifteen minutes walking in the crowd I just wanted one thing, to go back into the silence and let it embrace me.


But before I went back home I treated myself with flowers and bought a few Arums for the first time. What an intrigant flower, it does not open, it stays like it is. The outside is sharp and curvy, strong and soft. Outside is white, inside purple. It is a flower made of contrasts, a flower with one single and unique petal who wrapped itself in it, a petal as a delicate but strong armour.


The more I photographed it, the more I let myself dive into its shape and lines to finally succumb to its ethereal beauty.




May you all be happy inside,


All rights reserved Carole Rey

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