Last week, kids had their spring holidays and this year we decided to stay home. It was really exciting for them because we never (or rarely) stay home for the holidays. The idea of staying in their pyjamas an entire morning on a day that is not a Sunday was really special for them. Nevertheless, it was not the plan to stay home, in pyjama and be lazy an entire week. So, on Monday I took my oldest one and a friend of his to Amsterdam to visit Micropia.


If you, or your kids, are interested in macro and micro world Micropia is the place you want to go to. Inside, everything is made to trigger your senses and curiosity. The moment you enter in their special lift, you are introduced to the micro-world. And after that you go from one discovery to an other observation thanks to different tools.


Imagine an alley full of microscopes that allows you to observe living microbes, or a giant screen that can scan your body and tells you how much microbes your body has. For children who like sciences, this is wonderland. Every single thing is explained in a concise and to the point way in English and in Dutch. For those who are not specially interested in, it is the right place the reconsider their opinion on the matter.


Micropia is definitely an educative centre in its most noble way, it is interesting, funny and surprising.  They make you alert to who you are, where you come from, how your body works but also become aware of your place in a world so much bigger than you, in a timeline so much longer than your own life.






And of course, never underestimate the sense of humour of scientists and don’t leave without doing the Kiss-o-meter!



Last but not least, we had the privilege to listen to a short presentation made by one of the lab technician about fungus. It was done in such a pleasant and enlightening way that adults and children who were present were completely captivated by what they were told. It is so inspiring to see and listen someone enthusiastic and passionate talking about her work, it was pure joy for me but I was also extremely happy for my boy and his friend that they could witness how much fun you can have in your work, how much fun it is to do research, to push the limits, to find new challenges. This presentation was definitely the cherry on the cake of our visit!


May you all have a wonderful day,


PS: Did I mention that it’s located in the Plantage district in Amsterdam, just between the zoo Artis and the oh so beautiful restaurant “Plantage”. So yes, the location is awesome.


All rights reserved Carole Rey

6 responses to Micropia

  1. Mariëtte Aernoudts says:

    I never heard of Micropia before untill your blog now. Great to visit with kids

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is, indeed!! And after the visit, you can also enjoy a delicious lunch in the restaurant nearby “Plantage”, interior is beautiful and dishes delicious 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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