Lavinia cakes’n buttons

Two weeks ago it was my birthday and I wanted this year to celebrate it in a very special place. The first one that came to my mind was Lavinia cakes’n buttons in The Hague. Some time ago I read an article about it in Amsterdamming, a blog that I follow and love. My mind went on fire when I saw the photos. It looked magic, fairy, a bit old fashioned and deliciously tender. I kept those impressions in a corner of my mind and celebrating my birthday was the perfect moment to drive all the way to The Hague and have a high tea at Lavinia cakes’n buttons. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by Lavinia, it truly felt like we were having a party at her place. It’s interesting to see that in every big city in Holland, new coffee places pop up (almost monthly) and most of them have that hip Scandinavian minimalist decoration, Lavinia dares to propose something different.


Please don’t get me wrong, I love Scandinavian decoration and I love sitting in one of those places but what you see at Lavinia cakes’n buttons is unique and you see and feel it the moment you enter. The place is like a living/dining room and the entire atmosphere reminds me of  L’invitation au voyage , beautiful poem from Baudelaire. “Là, tout n’est qu’ordre et beauté; luxe, calme et volupté“, “there all is order and beauty; luxury, peace, and pleasure.”


Lavinia prepared for us, as I requested it, a vegetarian high tea. We started with the sweet dishes, because you know we are in Holland 😉 Kids, hubby, my good friend Anna and I were in an awe when she presented the first ones. Every single piece was a little treasure on its own. What a work, what a delicacy in the preparation and the presentation. What a wonderful color palette she made, mixing fruits and chocolate, textures, you name it. Fabulous!




After the sweet treats we continued with the salty ones. Oh my!!! Really, oh my!! Did I say it hard enough?? OH MY!!! The sweet ones were delicate, cute and surprising. With the salty ones the explosion of senses just went on and on.  Only the idea of those little things and I’m salivating right now.




The afternoon passed by in the most gentle way possible; we have been overwhelmed by excellent and succulent food, delicate tea and delicious white wine (hubby skipped this last one). You might ask yourself, and the kids? Because yes, a high tea during an entire afternoon can be a bit risky with two boys of eight and ten but, don’t forget that we are talking about Lavinia and Lavinia is just like Mary Poppins. She does not see problems,she sees solutions and just like that she offered the kids to watch an animated film.



So, kids happy, adults happy and when we left that magic place at the end of the day we were full of love and good vibes. It really felt special and Lavinia made us feel special. It was so pleasant that I decided to inaugurate the coming new categorie of this blog “Women in The Netherlands” (where I will interview women in The Netherlands as it said itself)  with her, and she accepted it. So stay tuned, her interview is coming soon!!!

Last but not least, I have to say that on this post you only have a sneak view of all what we enjoyed. If you want to see and taste more I sincerely advise you, if you have the opportunity, to go to The Hague at Piet Heinstraat 103A and enjoy by yourself!

May you all have a blissful day.


ps: Did I mention how beautiful and elegant Lavinia’s leftovers packaging is?


All rights reserved Carole Rey




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