Beauty is everywhere

A couple of days ago, I bought a piece of gorgonzola at my local supermarket and what was my surprise when, yesterday, I opened the package and found it completely coated with moisture.


At first I was truly disappointed specially because it was supposed to stay “fresh” until the end of the week but my second thought was, wow, what a beauty!

gorgonzola14-2-17-2 I don’t know if you have already observed food in the process of rotting but it is truly fascinating. Look at this landscape, those lines, shapes and contrasts. There is so much to observe!




Moisture looks so soft in many ways. First the color palette, a beautiful pastels range from snow white to dark grey, then when you look closer, you see the structure, incredible delicate mantel of mould. There is something mysterious in the decay process; slowly but surely moisture spreads itself like a spider its web.



This might sound a but cliché but yes, there is beauty everywhere and sometimes you just have to look a bit closer to see it.

May you all have a lovely day,



All rights reserved Carole Rey

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