Unconditional love

As you might have understood by now, I’m a flowers lover and in that immense sea of love orchids are on a special island. My bride bouquet was made of them and I always have one in a pot at home. They are, in my eyes, totally unpredictable; I have no idea when they are going to bloom or just die. And when the miracle happens, when they are blooming it is always astonishing thanks to their colours, their tones and shape.


Last week, I bought at my favourite florist in my tiny city a single stem subjugated by the amount of flowers on one stem and their gorgeous colour.

When at home with my camera in my hands, I let myself overwhelmed by what I saw and went literally and figuratively upside down in front of so much beauty.





While writing I’m listening Once I Was Loved from Melody Gardot and can’t figure a better end to this post than her words and music:

“Just to remember that once, once we were loved
Once we were beautiful, once we were loved

If we can surrender
Then that is enough
Just to remember that once, once we were loved”

May you all be safe and happy inside.


Photography all rights reserved Carole Rey



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