Teylers Museum, Haarlem

When you live in Holland, and you have children, there are plenty things to do on Sunday with the entire family or just the kids. Usually I book a workshop for the kids and hubby and I savour this precious time together strolling in the city or enjoying a cup of coffee while chatting. This time we did something together, the four of us. And for this we went all the way to Haarlem and for the first time to Teylers Museum. Via their Instagram account I knew a bit about them and their history. Teylers Museum is a very old museum which was first a centre for study and education in the fields of contemporary art and science.


The moment I saw pictures of their “ovale room” I wanted to go there and see it ” in real”. How special is it to be in a place where so much people before you, for hundred years, came to study, research, push the limits, experiment and enlarge their knowledges. There is something so moving and inspiring in it and specially because the building has been conserved in its original state, it’s like if you are back in the XVIIth century. Oh joy!!


So, when I saw on their site that they organize workshops for children but as well for family I thought that would be a great opportunity to finally meet that monument. The workshop we followed was ” How to build your own “thunder home””. It started with an introduction about thunder, electricity and discoveries made by Martinus van Marum. Then followed an explanation on how to make your “thunder home” with enough accent on why you should do it that way and not this way. As you can understand, we did not only had fun making our own house but kids learned as well one or two things. Here is the result of an hour of hard work 🙂


After the workshop we strolled inside the museum, kids quickly passed the painters area and went to the ovale room. In this one you can admire an impressive collection of minerals and discover different kind of measures instruments, for example.


After this, we spent a lot of time in the space dedicated to fossils and Mosasaurus; for the kids it was like being in Wonderland.






We finished our tour with a very well conserved skeleton of a cave bear. Impressive!


This was a nice Sunday, we had good family quality time, we learned things and for a couple of hours we were transported in an other time. I can only recommend you to, if it’s not already done, invest in a Museum Card and go to Haarlem to visit the Teylers Museum.

May you have a blissful day.



Text and photographs all rights reserved Carole Rey


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