About London, summer 2016

Last summer, hubby, kids and I spent a week in the fabulous London. It was the first time for the kids and they enjoyed every minute about that trip!


There are many things I could tell about London and many things I could show but I have to admit that blogging, photographing and being social with hubby and kids was quite challenging for me… and for them. Imagine you are a kid of seven or nine years old, you are starving and tired because you walked the entire morning and you have that delicious bowl of salad in front of your nose, or those tasty sushis saying “eat me, eat me” but you CAN’T because mama wants to take a fancy picture. Or, while you are on the way to finally go to that toys paradise called Hamleys/Harrods and you have to stop every two meters because your mother wants to photograph the beautiful buildings/houses like this one:


well, at some point, it’s not funny anymore and you only want to go back to the hotel and watch tv. So, for the sake of everybody and to make good memories we can share over a decade I let my camera in my bag and enjoy the trip AND the company with (almost) my eyes only.


Our hotel was at the end of the Westminster Bridge, we could say hi to Big Ben every single day, kids were delighted.


As a teenager, I went to London every summer for a couple of years. My parents sent me a month in England to improve my English and every time there was a day trip in the City. I had souvenirs of this metropolis as a place with a huge amount of people, a sort of big massa walking in the streets, different cultures, lots of punks and a sense of freedom everywhere. This time, I was impressed by the magnificence of the architecture.


There are countless remarkable buildings, houses, musea with delicate details. What strikes me too is the diversity everywhere and in everything. In people, in architecture like I just mentioned, food, culture. It’s like a big world in a small one. Truly amazing but also frustrating to not have more time to discover, observe, learn and connect with locals.



Fortunately, we managed to check the most important points from our bucket list. So, as you had probably already understood, we did go to Harrods. While kids were in awe at the toys floor, with hubby we admired the Art Deco details of the building. Second on the list, was the Serpentine pavilion. Fantastic, truly a delicacy for the eyes. I am so glad and grateful we could see it.


Also on the list, the exposition of the American painter Georgia O’Keeffe at the Tate Modern. This was an highlight of our journey. That building itself is quite impressive, the exposition was very inspiring and when we finished and arrived at the bookshop situated on the last floor, what a surprise with the roof terrace. What a view, what a calm!


When you are in the city like London and your children are fascinated by Dinosaurs and palaeontology in general, where do you go? Yes, you got it! You go to the Natural History Museum. You make sure you arrive half an hour before the opening so you can have the museum (almost) all for yourself but more important you do not stand in the line for two/three hours!! And of course, as expected, we totally fell in love with that museum. With the building itself, with its garden and with its absolutely huge collection. We stayed there a couple of hours and when we went outside it was with a crying nine years old boy who did not want to leave the place because it is “oh so beautiful”.



And last but not least, we went to the Harry Potter’s movie studio. It’s situated about an hour riding in bus but it is definitely worth the ride. The moment you enter in it, you ARE literally in the world of Potter. Everything is there and everything is explained, from costumes making to special effects.


So, it’s pretty clear I guess that we had a blast. One week there was for sure only an appetizer; kids, hubby and I can’t wait to go back to London and continue our journey there.

May you all have a blissful day.



ps: and yes, we went to Buckingham Palace 🙂



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