A Love Supreme


Years ago, I discovered the music of John Coltrane. Of course I knew his name and his contribution to jazz music but I did not have a special connection to his work. One day I listened to A Love Supreme and all my senses were touched and moved. There is something very soft, calm and yet very strong and profound in this album.


I admire the ability of Coltrane to put in notes, harmony and rhythms his devotion to a higher self. By the end of the first part, “Acknowledgement”, when his voice repeats and repeats “A Love Supreme” how can’t you feel taken away with him in his spiritual quest?


Music and specially jazz music is and has always been a source of inspiration for me. Very often when I photograph I hear the voices of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald in my head; I listen to Madeleine Peyroux, Bill Evans, John Coltrane… I chose those photographs to illustrate at my tiny level A Love Supreme, not only the fabulous album but also that spirituality, that higher-self that I see in Nature and flowers. You can believe or not, pray or not but there is one thing sure, there is beauty out there and you can’t miss it if you keep your eyes wide open.


May you have a beautiful and colourful day.


Click here to listen to A Love Supreme



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