Castle Baexem


baexemgarden2-16During the last autumn break, hubby, the kids and I went for a couple of days in a B&B in an old castle from the 17th century, Castle van Baexem. It is located in a small village in the region Limburg; for those who have no clue where this could be, imagine the south of Holland and it’s somewhere there. Not too far from the great Maastricht. A year ago I read an article in the Flow (one of my fav’ mag) about it and I felt enchanted by what I saw and read. So we went there because we all needed a break and it seemed the perfect place for this, in the nature, not too far from home but still far enough to feel away. We arrived there in the middle of the afternoon, the weather was a bit cold but shiny. When we parked our car and saw the castle and the garden everybody in the car was in awe. What a great way to start our vacation!!


From that moment until the moment we left, it has only been “luxe, calme and volupté” like Baudelaire put it so well. We had the “foxes room”, a lovely bedroom divided in two rooms with a wood burning stove (like every other room in the castle).


After enjoying the view on a giant magnolia we decided to explore the garden. The lady of the house told the kids when we arrived that there was a legend which said that a treasure was hidden somewhere in the garden… Kids loved that idea and went on a mission to find it while with hubby we took a stroll and enjoyed the sun. The garden is huge and is made of little corners and paths that make it looks like a labyrinth made by nature.






As a nature photographer, this place was like wonderland for me. Flowers, flowers, flowers everywhere, plants, bees… name it. Every step led me to an other beauty to shoot. We stayed there only few days and I wish I had twice as much time (at least!!). We went there in Autumn so I can’t imagine how it looks like in Spring. We have to come back!!!

baexemgarden3-16 baexemgarden10-16 baexemgarden11-16


Outside and inside the castle the magic comes from the little details, the unexpected cuteness in every little things. It can be art books in the living room, mix and match of vintage plates for the breakfast, homemade jam or the painted mouse in the corner of one of the steps of the wooden stairs. Everything in this place tells you, take the time, open your eyes, enjoy, let it be. How wonderful it is to find a place like this and have the privilege to spend some time there.






Castle Baexem is definitely a place to discover and cherish.

May you all have a lovely day.



ps: Did I mention that there is a restaurant at the entrance of the estate? It is open in the weekend, meals are prepared with fresh products and there is a large choice for vegetarians. I have neither photos of the restaurant nor of the meals, and you know why? I was too busy enjoying my succulent risotto and having fun with hubby and kids!!



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