Tum Tum

Tum Tum in Den Bosch is the definition of old school sweetness. If you go down (or up) the Ridderstraat you can’t miss it with its beautiful windows painted in mint-green, and all its goodies offering themselves right on display.


If Tum Tum would belong to a film, I would place it in an Harry Potter’s film and the  moment you pass the door, you take the Hogwarts Express.


Inside, the entire shop seems to belong to an other time; the light is soft, displays are made from solid wood, decoration is vintage. It is warm and cosy and the smile and kindness of the owner definitely make you feel welcome and at home.

tumtum-2 tumtum-6

What is so special in this cute shop besides its oh so charming decoration is the selection of candies. It’s huge, really! When I went there I first spotted the usuals, those that you can buy everywhere else but then I saw, to my great pleasure, candies that I used to eat when I was a kid, candies that you don’t see anymore, things I thought were just out of the market. Oh Joy! Oh Happiness! How good it felt to see them all shining and waiting to be picked up and savoured.


As a citizen of the world, a mother of two and a woman probably in the middle of her life (!) I do try to feed my family and myself with healthy and organic food that I cook; candies are not often on the menu. Nevertheless I do believe that sometimes a little sweet treat can’t hurt as long as you enjoy it and make it a very special moment. No doubt about it, TumTum is the right place for this!


Hope you enjoyed reading this, just as musch I did writing it.

Take care everybody.

Peace, Carole

Text and photos all rights reserved Carole Rey

TumTum’s website


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