Pâtisserie De Rouw


As a French woman, as a grand-daughter of a baker and daughter of pastry enthusiasts, I grew up with the delicious habit to eat delicate pastries on special occasions. The strongest souvenir I have is when at the end of the Sunday meal my mother woud go to the kitchen and come back  with a lovely box fulfilled met succulent cakes. She would slowly open the box, we were waiting in silence and when the box was opened we were always in awe by what we were looking at. The colours, the shapes, the promise of an exceptional moment.



When I went to university and left home, I kept that habit and treated myself regularly with good pastries. So, when I came to the Netherlands fourteen years ago it was quite a shock to see that, in most of the bakeries, there are no cakes. Well there are but it is pretty basic and very often full with cream. Cream, cream, cream. Nothing delicate nor sophisticated. Alas. But you know, I’m not a quitter and I kept searching for a good pastry and I found it. In Vught, a charming little town next to ‘s Hertogenbosch. De Rouw. YES!



Of course, there are others excellent pastries in The Netherlands and I have the strong impression that the Dutchies are enjoying more and more delicacies at the end of their meal or with their coffee; but De Rouw was the first in my story here and it keeps a special place in my heart and palate.


I truly admire how the owners Mr en Mrs De Rouw renew themselves, keep exploring new paths with their pastries but also chocolates. Their shop in Vught is just lovely and definitely worth the travel; from the street you can have a sneak peek at the atelier and inside the staff is very friendly and dedicate to help you the best they can. There is something very old-fashioned there and in the mean time very modern, actually just like their pastries.



Life goes so fast and we are so often in a rush to do more, faster, better. So now and then it is important to slow down, take time and enjoy what we have… and eat good pastries!

Have a beautiful day.

Love, Carole



ps: did I mention that they have a webshop? So even if you can not go all the way to Vught, you can still enjoy their delicacies!

De Rouw


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