Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie, Utrecht


Kunst en eerlijke koffie (aka Keek)  and me is a long story. The first time I noticed it, it was thanks to its green-almond facade and charming interior; I was in a hurry back then so I quickly checked the menu and was more than pleased to see that they use organic products, have vegetarian meals and try to promote local artists. I thought, oh oh interesting, got to come back here!!

So when I did, I was not alone but I brought the boys with me and little mister gourmet was literally impressed and totally charmed by the home made cheesecake (with home made jam s’il vous plaît).


The second time, I was with a friend and again it was charming. The food is just excellent, no matter what you take it’s fresh and succulent.


I have to tell you that I am officially addicted to the 12.00 vege-formula: soup of the day, fresh bread (and you know how much I love bread), delicious vegetables perfectly cooked, cream cheese and last but not least hallumi and humus. YES!


It’s like the meaning of the well known expression “eating healthy and tasty” takes all its meaning there.

Keek reminds me of the improvised dinners at friends when I was a student. Everyone would bring something, we would cook together, chat, sing and eventually dance in the living room. I feel that same joy and freedom there. It’s open in every possible meaning. Open kitchen, open mind, diversity in your plate and in the room. Young couples, girlfriends, grandmas and grand-daughters, colleagues, students, single persons…it’s like if everybody feels good and at ease at Keek.


The third time I went there, I was alone and I was seated in the back room. It’s calmer, there are different kinds of games (for all ages, so yes you can bring your kids) but also all the teas, herbal teas, chocolates, cookies that you can consume there but also buy and take away.

When I started this blog my idea was to promote small businesses, little treasures, places where you are welcome as a friend and where the quality of the service you will get will be high and the price reasonable, no matter what it is. I could have started with Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie because it has it all.

May you have a beautiful day and may the force be with you.



ps: Did I mention that they regularly organise concerts and lectures? Check their agenda!!!


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