Kazerij Stalenhoef, Utrecht


As you know I’m French but not only, I’m also Aveyronnaise and proud of it! I was born and raised in the wonderful Aveyron, somewhere under Clermont-Ferrand and between Toulouse and Montpellier not too far from where the Roquefort has been created and is still made but also La Tome de l’Aubrac, le Cantal… So, yes, I am made of flesh and bones and Roquefort. It is in my DNA and it’s no wonder that after both births of our sons, my nerdy darling did not bring me flowers but a great cheese assortment.


So, when some times ago I discovered Kazerij Stalenhoef in Utrecht, I was ecstatic; and when I stepped inside and saw the gorgeous selection of cheeses I could have made Marsupilami’s jumps in the middle of the shop.


Of course in my tini little city I can buy cheese at the supermarket or at the “cheese-shop”; but, it’s (very) expensive and the selection is average. It’s nice and fancy but often I miss passion, risk taken, adventure. At the Kazerij Stalenhoef it’s everything but this. First it’s just beautiful to see, all the cheeses, their names, their composition, their origins. I could spend hours watching them, their structure, their colors…


You travel from France to Spain, go to Italy and Greece. And of course to The Netherlands, never underestimate the Dutch cheese, it is deliciously surprising.


And last but not least, for a high standard and quality product you pay a very reasonable price, employees are friendly and will take the time for you if you need advice.

Enjoy and may you have a delicious day.




ps: Did I mention that they also have a large assortment of wines, nuts, cheese-knife…



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