Four Leaves, Amsterdam


I don’t know you but for me coffee means:

-6.30, please help me to stay awake,

-10.00, time to fulfill the battery and have a chat,

-13.00, let’s have a coffee to finish properly the lunch.

Tea is different. Tea means (at least to me) time, having time, taking the time. So when I discovered Four Leaves in Amsterdam I felt understood.


Four Leaves is a shop/tearoom for tea lovers. It is situated between the Rijksmuseum and the antiques district on the Spiegelgracht. The location is deliciously vintage and so is the interior; chic, delicate, beautifully outdated and peaceful. Not only can you savour a special beverage but you can also go back home with tea, sculptures, glasses, piece of art….


Four Leaves is where you go to have a break, to step out of the traffic, the stress, the noise (well, you are in Amsterdam!) and indulge yourself  with some quality time and excellent tea (or coffee by the way). It is rare to find a place where you instantly feel more like a guest than a client, a place where you want to put out your shoes and let your mind wander; it is rare and so precious.


May you have a splendid day.



ps: did I mention that they have a terrific chocolate-truffel cake?