The Dutchies have the “stroopwafels”, the Frenchies have the macarons. Ah! The macarons! If fresh, an heavenly mix of structure and softness. It’s beautiful to see, delicious to eat. But watch out it’s small so it will also learn you to take the time and to enjoy every little bite of it.
In the boho chic Twijnstraat in Utrecht, in de restaurant/shop Josephine you can find one of those specimen hand made by “Tout” in Amsterdam.

The macarons are just there at the entrance. They put their best colors and flavours on and if you listen carefully you will hear them telling you: ‘Try me! Try me!”

But be careful, they are not alone; they are with their fellows chocolates and pralinés and those will make your choice even more difficult. Trust me, I know that feeling but don’t worry, Josephine is here to stay and you can always come back and try something new.


By the way, did I mention that you can also eat a tasty sandwich with a sweetened twist in the restaurant?

May you have a lovely day.



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