Carla’s Conditorie, Utrecht


In the beautiful Utrecht, behind the Dom church, you will find Carla’s Conditorie, or when vintage meets cappuccino… At the moment you step in this tiny place, you not only feel in a restaurant but first and foremost in someones private lunchroom.

This very special someone is Carla and she will do her best to receive you. Everything here feels personal and special, the 50’s radio, the glass case, the mirrors in the hall, the old fashion tea cups…


Not only is this place a must for the vintage lovers, it is also an address where all the cakes are baked with spelt. Yes, they are! And they are gluten free which is very remarkable since the amount of cafes/restaurants where you can eat gluten free is inversely proportional to the amount of allergic persons.


So if you come to Utrecht, don’t forget to go there, to enjoy your time and say hi to Carla!




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