Boekhandel Bijleveld, Utrecht

For those of you who feel home surrounded by beautiful, intriguing books; for those of you who cannot start a new novel without first smelling the pages, for the nostalgics of the old fashion independent bookshops, here is a place for you. 


The Boekhandel (=Bookshop) Bijleveld in Utrecht. From the moment you step in, you will forget that you are in the middle of the city, at the corner of main streets for cabs and buses, you will enjoy the quietness and will feel like Alice in Wonderland.  


The Boekhandel Bijleveld is a bookshop for books lovers, it is made out of wood and passion. It offers a large and cutting-edge selection of books (in English and Dutch) about Art, Design, Photography, History, Literature (also for children but only in Dutch), Philosophy, Fashion, Cooking but also city guides. At a smaller scale, there are also few classical music cds, audiobooks, and mugs from Penguin publisher… 


Take your time to walk and look around, let yourself be surprised, have a seat…. If you are searching for something particularly, do not hesitate to ask the woman or the guy behind the counter, they are not there for a random reason, they might enjoy the company of a good novel or the paintings of Van Eijck just as much as you do! 

Enjoy and may you have an inspiring time.




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