BroodBar, Amsterdam


For the Amsterdam lovers, here is a place where you can have a break and still enjoy the city.


On the Kloveniersburgwal, not far from the Nieuwmarkt Metro station, and Central Station, you will find BroodBar (=BreadBar) or in other words, the perfect place to eat delicious, fresh, handmade (in front of you s’il vous plaît) sandwiches.

You can choose the type of bread you want (it is definitely worth to try the “DesemBrood”/wheat bread), the cheese, sauce, vegetables etc… If you are not the sandwich type, there are also quiches (also handmade) or cakes, and other sweet things.


What makes that place so special is not only the quality of the food you get but also the cosy and relaxed atmosphere, and the woman who helps you. Wondered for years what Amsterdam’s accent and people are? Here is your chance to see and hear. This is definitely the place for the insiders, the locals. Don’t be afraid or reluctant if at first sight this woman seems a bit cold to you, this is Amsterdam, man! She means good and if you take the time to talk with her, I’m sure you will definitely enjoy her company. Here, trust me, you are welcome.


And now, go there and enjoy!!




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